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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) announced on 24 October 2022 the official launch of Commercial Data Interchange (CDI), one of the key initiatives under its “Fintech 2025” strategy to create a next-generation data infrastructure and form an ecosystem for secure and seamless data exchange in Hong Kong. JETCO is named as a solution provider of CDI.

We have successfully launched our Phase 1 of JETCO CDI Proxy Service – JETCO CDI Portal on 21 December 2022 which helps banks to reduce cost, minimize development effort and save time to on-board CDI. It allows banks to interact with data providers and perform consent exchange and data request & response in CDI. Phase 2 of JETCO CDI Proxy Service covers APIs and value-added features, which was launched in September 2023. Besides, we also provide solutions for data providers and will have more value-added features to be launched for both data consumers and data providers.

What JETCO Can Help

  • Business Support
  • Technical Enablement
  • Operation Support
  • Data Management

Come and join us to explore CDI use cases!