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Need to carry multiple ATM cards with you all the time? Having trouble to memorize all the different PINs? Say goodbye to all these hassles with the cross-bank cardless cash withdrawal service powered by JETCO.


  • Convenience – get cash instantly from any supported ATM from JETCO member banks network by scanning the QR code
  • Fast – use the mobile app provided by your bank to set withdrawal instruction in advance
  • Secure – no need to worry about card skimming and exposing your password

How to use cardless withdrawal

All you need are a few easy and handy steps on your mobile banking app to get cash instantly

Supporting banks

The list of banks' ATM which support JETCO Cardless Withdrawal service

Hong Kong

Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited

The Bank of East Asia, Limited

China CITIC Bank International Limited

China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited

China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch

Chong Hing Bank Limited

Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited

Dah Sing Bank, Limited

Fubon Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited

Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Shanghai Commercial Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

  • What is JETCO Cardless Withdrawal?

    JETCO Cardless Withdrawal is the first cross-bank cardless cash withdrawal service in Hong Kong. You can now get cash by scanning the QR code from any supported ATM machines under JETCO member network with your bank mobile app.

  • How do I know which JETCO ATM supports this service?

    All JETCO ATMs with the JETCO Cardless Withdrawal identifier support this service.

  • Can I make cardless withdrawal outside Hong Kong?

    The service is currently available in Hong Kong only.

  • Is there a service charge for withdrawing under this channel?

    There is no service charge from JETCO for the service

  • Is there a daily cash withdrawal limit?

    Yes. Different JETCO member banks will have different maximum and minimum transaction amount for every withdrawal made through an ATM.

  • What can I do if no cash is dispensed from the ATM after making cash withdrawal?

    If the money has been deducted from your bank account, please contact your bank for assistance.

  • What can I do if I forgot to take cash from the ATM after making a successful transaction?

    The ATM will take back the cash if it remains there within a certain period of time. We advise you to contact your bank for assistance.

  • Under what circumstances that my transaction will be rejected?
    • If your bank account has insufficient money, your transaction will be rejected.
    • If the service is not supported by your bank, the transaction will be rejected.
    • Rejected transactions can also be caused by issues from your mobile banking app. We advise you to contact your bank for assistance.
  • Can I withdraw RMB from my RMB account via JETCO Cardless Withdrawal?

    No. Currently, this service supports HKD withdrawal only.

  • Do I need to sign up before using JETCO Cardless Withdrawal?

    You do not need to sign up to use JETCO Cardless Withdrawal. However, you need to have access to your bank’s mobile banking app. We advise you to contact your bank for further details.

  • Can I still use my ATM card for cash withdrawal?

    Yes. Your ATM card and PIN is still functional as usual.