Privacy Policy Statement

1. Introduction

When Joint Electronic Teller Services Ltd. (JETCO) (the "JETCO") collects any of customer personal data or information, it is our policy to comply fully with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 Laws of Hong Kong) ("the said Ordinance"). The said Ordinance regulates the collection and use of personal data and information in Hong Kong. Personal data is any information relating to any living individual from which it is possible to identify that individual. In dealing with personal data, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality prescribed by the said Ordinance.

2. Privacy Commitment

Our commitment to comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance is premised on the following principles:
1. We collect only necessary personal data from customers for the provision of services and products.
2. Personal data will only be used for the purposes specified and not for other purposes except with the consent of our customers.
3. We will not disclose personal data to any external organization unless we (i) have the consent of our customers or (ii) are required by law, but we will only do so under proper authority.
4. All practicable steps will be taken to ensure customers’ personal data are kept secure, confidential and accurate. Such data will not be retained longer than it is necessary.
5. Only authorized personnel can access or process the personal data of customers.
6. Customers have the right to access or correct their personal data.

3. Types of Personal Data Held by JETCO

3.1 Personal data held by JETCO for the purpose of carrying on JETCO’s businesses include, but not limited to, the following:
a. Your full name as registered for your bank account;
b. Bank account details, including bank account numbers;
c. Contact details, including smartphone number and email address;
d. Payment details, including credit card, debit card and banking information;
e. Any other information obtained by JETCO in the ordinary course of continuation of the business relationship;
f. Information which is in the public domain.
3.2 Personal data relating to employment held by JETCO may include the following:
a. Name and address, contact details, date of birth and nationality of employees and potential employees and their spouses and their family members and their identity card and/or passport numbers and place and date of issue thereof;
b. Additional information complied about potential employees to assess their suitability for a job in the course of the recruitment selection process which may include references obtained from their current or former employers or other sources;
c. Additional information complied about employees which may include records of remuneration and benefits paid to the employees, records of job postings, transfer and training, records of medical checks, sick leave, attendance, emergency contact and other medical claims and performance appraisal reports of the employees;
d. Relevant personal data pertaining to former employees may be required by JETCO to fulfil its obligations to the former employees and its legal obligations under certain ordinances; and
e. Information which is in the public domain.
3.3 JETCO may gather the personal data through the "cookies". Cookies are small bits of information automatically stored by a website on a user's computer web browser retrievable by that website. JETCO may use cookies to collect some server address, browser and OS information. However, customers may stop those cookies from doing so simply by changing the settings on customers’ browser. However, such a change may affect some of the displays on the Website or no displays at all.
3.4 JETCO shall make a record of all visits to the Website. The record will only show the server address, browser and OS information and details of the visited pages. JETCO only collects aggregate information of the numbers and types of visitors by reference to their server address, browser and OS information. Such information will be used by JETCO for preparing general statistics on the frequency of using the Website. JETCO also has the right to disclose any or all of the person data if there is any illegal use of the Website.

4. Purposes of Keeping Personal Data

4.1 The purposes for which the personal data of a customer may be used are as follows:
a. Processing of your application for the Service;
b. The daily operation of the services;
c. Marketing services and products to you by JETCO;
d. Processing of any payment instructions in relation to supply of goods and services to the customers; and
e. Analyzing, verifying, enforcing contractual rights, and/or checking of your payment status in relation to supply of goods and services to the customers.
4.2 The purposes for which the personal data relating to employees may be used are as follows:
a. processing employment applications;
b. determining and reviewing salaries, bonuses and other benefits;
c. consideration for promotion, training or transfer;
d. providing employee references;
e. monitoring compliance with internal rules of JETCO; 
f. any other purposes directly or indirectly relating to the compliance by JETCO or any of the employment or statutory obligations; and
g. meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on JETCO or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which JETCO are expected to comply.

5. Security of Personal Data

JETCO will ensure an appropriate level of protection for personal data in order to prevent unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use of that data, commensurate with the sensitivity of the data and the harm that would be caused by occurrence of any of the aforesaid events. It is the practice of JETCO to achieve appropriate levels of security protection by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure customer personal data.  It is also the practice of JETCO to use secured encryption systems appropriate for the collection of the personal data.

6. Accuracy of Personal Data

JETCO will ensure accuracy of all personal data using generally accepted practices and guidelines. Appropriate procedures are implemented to provide for all personal data to be regularly checked and updated to ensure that it is reasonably accurate having regard to the purposes for which that data is used. In some cases JETCO is required to see original documentation before the personal data may be used, such as with Personal Identifiers and/or proof of address.

7. Retention of Personal Data

Personal data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the original or directly related purpose for which it was collected. After the termination of service, JETCO shall continue to hold data relating to the customer(s) for a period of 7 years or such other period as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations. If a data user engages a data processor (whether within or outside Hong Kong) to process personal data on data user’s behalf, the data user must adopt contractual or other means to prevent any personal data transferred to the data processor from being kept longer than is necessary for processing of the data.

8. Access and Correction of Personal Data

Under and in accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, any customer has the right: -
i. To check whether JETCO holds data about him and of access to such data;
ii. To require JETCO to correct any data relating to him which is in accurate;
iii. To ascertain JETCO’s policies and practices in relation to data and to be informed of the kind of personnel data held by JETCO;
In accordance with the terms of the said Ordinance, JETCO has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.

9. JETCO’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Contact Detail

All enquiries and request regarding JETCO’s compliance with its obligations under the said Ordinance should be in writing to the following contact detail:
Telephone: 2862-9999
Address: 35/F, 248 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong