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  • Keep your Username/Password secure and confidential at all times.
  • Always log out after you have completed your online banking session and close the browser window.
  • Try and clear your browser cache and history after each session.
  • Disable the auto-complete function on your browser: this will allow anyone who uses your computer to access your Username and Password.
  • Steps to turn this function off in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
    1. Click the Tools menu
    2. Click "Internet Options"
    3. Click the "Content" tab
    4. Click the "Autocomplete" button
    5. Disable the "Usernames and passwords on forms"
  • Steps to turn this function off in Google Chrome
    1. Click the Chrome menu
    2. Select “Preferences”
    3. Select “Settings”
    4. Expand “Advanced Settings”
    5. Deselect the “Autofill ” and “Save” options under Passwords and Forms
  • Install anti-virus software, anti-spyware, and personal firewalls on your computer. Remember to implement the security updates!
  • Disable the "File and Printer Sharing" feature on your Operating System.
  • Check your account and transaction history details regularly for anything suspicious or unusual. Contact the bank immediately if you spot anything.
  • For HOME Broadband Router.
  • Change default password of “admin”.
  • Use complex non-dictionary word with 8 characters length as both admin and SSID passwords.
  • Regular update firmware.
  • User stronger encryption method like WPA2-AES.
  • Enable MAC address for access control.


  • Use your online banking or e-commerce website if you have any doubts about its integrity. There are a number of fraudulent websites that try to imitate the appearance of reputable online banks and merchants.
  • Store your username/password in your browser. If asked reply “no”.
  • Open e-mail attachment or click on e-mails with embedded links from unknown, suspicious or unreliable sources. Delete such e-mails immediately.
  • Send sensitive account and personal information such as Username and Password via e-mail.
  • Connect to public or unknown Wifi hotspots to access online banking or e-commerce website.